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Conditions for registration

I would like to become a WWOOF GREECE Host, and confirm that:

  • my farm or property is organic and / or uses ecologically sound techniques,
  • I will provide hands-on experience of organic growing and other learning opportunities,
  • when non-organic farming practices exist on my farm WWOOFers should not be required to do them,


  • I will provide clean dry accommodation and adequate food for volunteers,
  • I will not charge volunteers money for their stay (WWOOF is a non-monetary exchange),
  • I will reply to all reasonable volunteer enquiries ( even if only to say that I am unable to accommodate volunteers at this time ),
  • I will ensure that WWOOFers are current members of WWOOF GREECE organisation,
  • I understand that many volunteers are not skilled and should not be expected to take the place of paid workers,
  • I understand and agree that the responsibility of WWOOF GREECE is limited to providing a means of contact between hosts and WWOOF members, and that the arrangements I make with volunteers is entirely my own responsibility.

I Agree with above statement .

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Are you organic certified and if yes by which Greek certification authority? (ΔΗΩ, ΒΙΟ-ΕΛΛΑΣ, ACert etc)

Information for volunteers

Type of property * (farm, community, ecotourism project, house with garden, etc)

Accommodation type * (within the family’s house, separated lodging, in tents, etc,)

Board *(describe what you have planned for the food of the volunteers)

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Τypes of volunteers' tasks *

 production of goods (cheese, marmalade , soap, etc.):

 fruit & vegetable's cultivation:

 animals breeding:



What know-how about organic farming can you teach / show to WWOOFers ?

Specific voluntary service and/or living rules

Weekly Helping Hours frame*
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