Welcome to WWOOF GREECE!

WWOOF is the acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

WWOOF Greece Support is an Organism Without Lucrative Aims founded in 2011 by a group of persons willing to support
the effort undertaken by the WWOOF movement.

It is member of the WWOOF European network and the International Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO).

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SPECIAL REQUEST!GR025 needs a couple with or without children who could come to stay on the farm between the months of November and June to look after the place and the gardens. One of them needs to be good at looking after the buildings. [published 31/01/18]


GR061 needs 1 volunteer for April 7th to 30th or May 10th to 31st for help with olive trees pruning, aromatic fields work, wood picking, saponification, wild herbs-flowers picking, beekeeping [published 10/03/18]
GR067 needs 1 or 2 volunteers, preferred male, for March and April, for help with pruning the trees, burning the branches of the trees, cleaning the garden and planting vegetables for the summer, painting the pergola and the outdoor walls of the house, small constructions in the farm. [published 05/03/18]
GR009 will be taking volunteers as from April. Help is usually needed for deifying trees, caring the vegetable garden, clearing up after winter falls of branches, some gathering of firewood, perhaps some pruning (depending on how fast the season has progressed), etc. [published 05/03/18]
GR016 has a vacancy available from 3rd March onward for one volunteer to join two other volunteers already helping there. Help is mainly needed for cleaning the fields, feeding and caring the herd of rare breed ponies, and also preparing the farm for the summer, like mending fences helping with hay delivery , whitewashing farm buildings etc. [published 05/03/18]
GR017 needs 1 or 2 volunteers 15 March to 15 April to help trim trees, pull weeds and burn brush and carry and saw wood! [published 05/03/18]
GR076 needs 1 or 2 volunteers for April to July (Min stay 2 weeks) for help mainly with their hotel's organic vegetable garden [published 05/03/18]
GR093 needs 1 volunteer, preferably male for 5-10 days 19th March 2018 onwards Tasks: landscaping, gardening, earthwork, stonework, eco-building (natural fencing, leveling etc.) [published 05/03/18]
GR096 needs 1-3 volunteers in March for help with shaping the outdoor areas, repairs and maintenance work of the homes for rent. Also gardening and planting herbs and probably beekeeping (if there are no allergies or bee-phobia). [published 05/03/18]
GR047 needs 2-3 volunteers during February and March to help with the vine pruning, olive trees pruning, preparation for the summer veggie garden and for some light construction tasks. [published 31/01/18]