Welcome to WWOOF GREECE!

WWOOF is the acronym for World Wide Opportunities on Organic Farms.

WWOOF Greece Support is an Organism Without Lucrative Aims founded in 2011 by a group of persons willing to support
the effort undertaken by the WWOOF movement.

It is member of the WWOOF European network and the International Federation of WWOOF Organisations (FoWO).

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!! New Host !! GR 105 - Eastern Macedonia and Thrace [published 31/12/17]
GR078 needs 1-4 volunteers for two weeks from now till March 1 for help with olive picking by hand. [published 23/12/17]
GR093 needs one male volunteer for 5-10 days in January 2018 for pruning, putting in order the farm's plants, shaping the landscape, working with stones building stone terraces. [published 23/12/17]
GR061 needs 1 or 2 volunteers for 1 to 3 weeks in January - February for help with olive branches fires, aromatic field work (get out wild grass), gathering olive tree wood from fields, saponification, maybe embottling. [published 23/12/17]
GR016 needs one volunteer from the 12th of January onward to help with the Skyrian ponies cleaning their fields, watering, feeding and daily care.  Also helping care for our chickens cats and goat. There may also be a little maintenance work to do. [published 23/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 104 - Ionian Islands [published 17/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 103 - Thessaly [published 13/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 102 - Central Greece [published 12/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 101 - North Aegean Islands [published 12/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 100 - Crete Island [published 12/12/17]
!! New Host !! GR 099 - Ionian Islands [published 17/11/17]
!! New Host !! GR 098 - Thessaly [published 17/11/17]
GR017 farm will be alone for 4 weeks, December 13 to January 15. If there was a couple looking to stay for the price of watching some animals and gathering and sawing some wood. [published 12/11/17]